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Created by qualified designers, shop our neon signs & shimmer walls for your home, wedding, business or event.


Spot us delivering in our famous minivan, or using a carbon neutral partner near you!


We are a team of designers working from a little pink shop to bring you the best designs!


Enjoy a 2 year guarantee on our premium 16mm style LED


Low voltage means less energy consumption with an average shelf life of 7-11 years!


Shimmer Walls aren’t single use, use them time and again!

Design Your Own Neon!

Ready to light up your world with a touch of personalized flair? Dive into our Neon Sign Builder and craft an eye-catching visual masterpiece that radiates your unique style and message, day or night!

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
We were absolutely blown away by our neon from Electric Confetti for our recent event. Huge thank you to the EC team for their incredible customer service, attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that everything was perfect for us.
— Rosie Ward
Customer Reviews
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Our Story

If making LED neon signs since 2015 has taught us anything, it’s that: if you can dream something you want up in lights (and now, in shimmery, confetti pixels), we can probably do it.

Electric Confetti was born from a love and fascination with typography and illustration, particularly vintage signage and packaging. We like big and bold, and pushing the envelope of innovation, and with a range of off-the-shelf neons and many, many custom design under our belts, we reckon we’ve seen it all!


How do I design my neon?

Send us your logo, or a description of what you want in lights. We’ll then get the drawing boards out (literally!) then send you some options to choose from. It’s then back and forth until the design is perfect.

What is a shimmer wall?

Confetti shimmerwalls are decorative panels with iridescent sequins. The moveable nature of the sequins (they’re activated by air or slight movement) means it gets a lot more notice than traditional methods of advertising. We customise what’s on the wall according to your needs!

What kinds of shimmer wall designs do you have?

The options are endless! With over 120 colours to choose from, send us your ideas and let us create some magic. We offer more than one colour walls (which we also do!) – think gradients, simple images, logos, stripes – all in dreamy two tone, metallic or mermaid colours. If the design has a lot of detail then consider a printed wall. While not as ‘shiny’ as metallic, they catch the eye and beat a decal!

Do you ship neon or shimmer walls anywhere?

Yes! Our neons and shimmer walls come in a box. The neon box is not much bigger than your sign, and the shimmer panels pack compactly into a standard box.

How do I hang my neon?

Hanging them up is a breeze, and we've got two fantastic methods to suit your style.

For a more permanent display, follow these simple steps: Hold your sign against the desired spot on the wall, mark the center of each hole with a small dot, and drill matching holes about 0.9cm in size. Secure the wall mount screws into the holes, align your sign with them, and tighten the screws into the spacers behind the sign. Voila! Your sign is securely and stylishly mounted.

Prefer a no-fuss, no-hole option? Opt for the hassle-free application of 3M Command strips. Attach the strips to the back of your sign, ensuring at least all four corners are covered. Press your sign firmly against the wall, and watch as it stays securely in place without a single hole in sight. It's that easy to add a pop of Electric Confetti's personality to your space!

How long the neons last?

40-50,000 hours, or 3 to 7 years if left on 24/7. Of course, you can extend the life of your LED neon greatly if it’s not on all day and night. If a neon cowboy out there offers you more than this, just ask them to put it in writing and to offer a full refund! Please film their reaction, and send it to us. We love a good laugh.