We're here to make your spaces sparkle

Discovering then-new-to-the-market LED neon when we were creating our first child’s nursery sparked the idea for Electric Confetti: beautiful, robust and energy efficient LED neon designs that could be hung in homes and commercial spaces.

Five years on and we have a range of off-the-shelf LED neon and acrylic homeware, have created countless custom neons for events, retail stores, hospitality and of course, for generally-funky humans to hang in their homes. You can also see our latest design adventure, Shimmer Walls which can be customised down to the last pixel.

The people who work on your designs are qualified designers, creating original, high quality work for you to LOVE.

Design is in our blood

Electric Confetti’s creative director Natalie Jarvis was raised behind the counter of her father’s antique shop in Invercargill, New Zealand. Inspired by old packaging and signage, Nat went on to major in art history and design at university and eventually moved across the ditch to Melbourne, to work in publishing as an illustrator & designer.

Now, it’s a family affair with Nat’s partner Scott on logistics, and a local and international team of damned-good, design-loving humans, creating quality concepts for your spaces.

We also have a famous (infamous?) bright pink shop at 40 Station St, Sandringham in Melbourne — come and say hi and let us design you the perfect neon!

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