Hanover House

Behold the wondrous collaboration between developer Beulah International and the art curators at Future City, featuring the vibrant work of artist Atong Atem.

Nestled in the heart of an international arts precinct, Atem’s statement piece is a breathtaking display of paint and LED neons that draws inspiration from her archive of vintage European wallpapers. But this is no ordinary wallpaper - oh no! Illuminated neon tulips and an 8.5-meter banksia weave their way across two facades of the 20-meter building in a riot of color and energy.

Experience a vivid and dynamic transformation that captures the essence of Melbourne’s past and future, encapsulating the vision of an inspired artist in a way that’s sure to delight and inspire. Don’t settle for drab walls and uninspired facades - come bask in the glow of a mesmerizing masterpiece that will transport you to new realms of creativity and wonder. It’s time to let your imagination take flight and experience the magic for yourself!