Plum Purple Shimmer Panel 122


Our Shimmer Walls are a series of metallic sequins that come pre-attached to a backing panel and are ‘offset’ on a small pin, meaning they respond to, and move in the atmosphere – creating a moving, mesmerising effect that requiring no electricity!

Install is super easy, they simply interlock to each other and can be attached to most surfaces with screws/staples, or damage free with 3M hooks.

Want multi-colour? We specialise in gradients, stripes and (if possible) text based styles. Contact us for a quote for custom shimmer walls!

Check the size guide guide below to work out how many you need!

Colour: Plum Purple shimmer with mirror/reflective finish.
Shape: Round or Square available.
Panel: Size: 34cm X 34cm 

Our Product

Our LED Neonflex is a modern alternative to traditional glass neon (which we also offer!). It offers the same vibrant glow without the drawbacks. Our signs are mounted on high-quality clear acrylic. With a lifespan of 40-50,000 hours (3-7 years when on 24/7), our LED neon signs are built to last. If someone claims otherwise, ask for a guarantee and a refund. Share their reaction with us for a good laugh!

When can I expect my order?

At Electric Confetti, we're committed to sustainability. That's why we create each order on demand, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring a personalised experience for you. With reliable carbon neutral shipping partners, we'll deliver your products swiftly and securely to your doorstep.

Our standard delivery is 12-20 days, with free worldwide shipping (excluding oversize).

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Our signs are super simple to install, they just require screwing to the wall, we provide the screws for you. 3M's strips are also your best friend! We also have hanging kits if you wish to install your sign from the ceiling or in a window.